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Elizabeth Seunarine BSc RN PHC

Medical Ministry International
Director Integrated Health Education & Counseling
Elizabeth (Betty) Seunarine, BSc RN PHC graduated with a bachelor degree in Biology from York University, Toronto in 1978. She graduated as an RN in 1984 and furthered her studies attaining a certificate in International Health from Seneca College in Toronto, (PHC) Canada in 1986. Immediately upon graduation she joined Medical Group Missions (now Medical Ministry International) where she pioneered the branch of Preventative Health care services within MMI, coining the name, Integrated Health Education and Counseling. She now has 30 years of field experience aiming to provide Integral Health education to all clients in rural mobile clinics as well as the permanent MMI-initiated Health Centers in several MMI countries (having the presence of MMI short term projects} across the globe. Furthermore, by organizing training seminars and conferences for MMI staff and inter-organizational participants, she has empowered health care workers to fully provide physical and spiritual health care to all clients and nearby communities. In addition to teaching patient/clients to care for their illnesses and instructing how to prevent them, she provides opportunities to consider spiritual health based on Scriptural references and correlations leading to health and wholeness